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Personal statement is required for admission to nearly any university. This is the most important part of your package of documents. And this is the only opportunity to show yourself as a personality, not a faceless man with a set of publications and achievements. There are many cases when the applicants entered the university with gentle backgrounds but thanks to a well-written personal statement essay.

Depending on the program you are going to enter, an essay can have different accents.

Thus, the personal statement should answer the questions: why do you want to study in this university, why the university is attractive to you, your strengths.

For admission to the law professions, the logic of presentation should be clearly traced. Business programs require leadership skills, the ability to quickly orient in unusual situations, etc., which you have to reflected in the personal statement.

Writing a personal statement, you must answer the following questions:

- What is your experience, background?

- Why the university should choose you? Tell what makes you unique or special. Feel free to list your achievements and successes.

- What difficulties have you faced and how you overcame them? These can be stories of your childhood life.

- What motivates you? Why did you choose this specialty?

- Why do you want to study in this university?

In order to write a good personal statement essay, you need to:

1) Invent something to distinguish your essay among others. To do this, think carefully about the first lines to catch the eye. Forget about 'Hello, my name is ...


2) Identify achievements in extra-academic fields (music, sports). Show that you are not concentrated on your studies only, that you are a diversified man.

3) Specify how your experience can be useful for the university. Tell what made you the person you are now.


- Indicate your strengths and weaknesses, rather than flaws

- Do not write about yourself in the third person

- Use vocabulary carefully, do not use the words, the meaning of which is doubtful

- Do not use slang and jargon

- Do not write poems and rhymes - write and check your essay for errors. Then check again and again.

- Spend enough time on writing. Do not try to write it during a day.

- Show it to your friend or to your teacher. A fresh look will help you find errors or omissions

- Do not exceed the limit allotted for a personal statement. This will mean that you cannot perform the tasks set.

- Do not copy a personal statement essay from the Internet. The selection committee, which reads more than 1,000 essays per day, will recognize such an essay and send it to the bin without a problem.

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